ASTM Committee C-15 on "Manufactured Masonry Units," Subcommittee C15.02, on "Brick and Structural Clay Tile" is proposing a new standard, "Specification for Glazed Brick," which is quite different from the existing standard, C 126-96 "Specification for Ceramic Glazed Structural Clay Facing Tile, Facing Brick, and Solid Masonry Units." The proposed standard covers only single-fired glazed brick, excluding glazed structural facing tile and double-fired glazed brick. It brings together the physical property specifications for clay brick from ASTM C 216 with the glaze requirements from ASTM C 126 while adding more stringent durability requirements. It uses the same grades and types as the existing standard. The proposed new standard contains two classifications: Class Exterior and Class Interior. The new specification's proposed criteria for Class Exterior include limits on cold-water absorption, saturation coefficient and compressive strength . The proposed standard's durability requirements are more stringent than those for Grade SW clay brick. The proposed standard contains alternate durability requirements, similar to ASTM C 216 "Specification for Facing Brick." The tolerances for unit dimensions and distortion for Grade S glazed brick in the proposed standard are similar to those for Type FBX brick found in ASTM C 216. However, the dimensional limitations on Grade SS glazed brick are more stringent. The proposed standard's glaze properties are the same as those found in the current C 126. The standard allows for more brick, including broken brick, that do not meet the requirements for chippage or size: 5% as opposed to the current standard's 3%. The adoption of the new standard's durability criteria should minimize many of the water-vapor transmission and durability problems associated with exterior environments. It's very important to note that this is still at the main committee balloting stage and is not finalized. It's possible that some of the requirements discussed in this article could change. Members of the CGMI (Ceramic Glazed Masonry Institute) plan to help revise the Brick Industry Association's Technical Notes on Brick Construction, Number 13, "Ceramic Glazed Brick Facing for Exterior Walls." The revision will feature updated technical guidance on the proper use of glazed brick and the new ASTM specification. KEYWORDS: imperviousness; resistance to fading; resistance to crazing; flame spread, fuel contribution and smoke density; toxic fumes; hardness and abrasion resistance; opacity