Throughout most of history, masonry training consisted of a mason pridefully handing down his craft to his son or another deserving young person. The trainee accepted it gratefully, knowing that masons were called "master builders" and held in high esteem. MASONRY TRAINING: PRESENT
The decline of organized apprenticeship programs in many parts of the country has led to a decline of masonry training in general. The void left has been partially filled by other vocational programs but, despite support from the Brick Institute of America and the National Concrete Masonry Association, the effort has not produced enough quality craftsmen to fill current or future needs. MASONRY TRAINING: FUTURE
Masonry has one of the oldest and proudest histories of any craft and we must not let it die. At a time when technology allows masonry designs that demand more of the craftsman, we find ourselves with fewer highly skilled masons. We must act now to reverse this trend.