Many contractors bid for and profitably complete wintertime jobs each year. What makes them successful? How do masonry contractors estimate winter work to ensure a reasonable chance for profit? THE VARIABLES Analyze the jobsite: Materials, equipment, and fuels used to provide enclosure and heat differ considerably from one location to another. Building design factors: The type and design of the building itself can affect how the workers and the work are protected. Local weather patterns: Various weather reporting agencies can provide statistical information to help predict general conditions for the period you're scheduled to work. Logistics: To determine the cost of protective enclosures and equipment, you need to consider the protection system's effect on working methods. WHO PAYS FOR PROTECTION? One increasingly popular option is a time-and-material contract for enclosures and heating costs. Under this plan, the protection is installed and serviced on a cost-only basis and all documentation is open to involved parties. The general contractor, owner, or architect pays for only the actual cost of the protection.