I think the masonry industry must have a love hate relationship with the health care industry.

In these tough economic times, medical facility construction has provided many contractors work when they needed it most. Fortunately for us, owners and facility managers want to employ masonry’s  attributes to create welcoming and safe structures for their patients. 

But as mason contractors know, there’s a more worrisome side of healthcare. Budgeting for employee health care costs has become as tough as guessing grouting costs. In the old days, contractors would just call up their insurance agent and plug in the number in their overhead calculations.  Traditionally a small cost as compared to other overhead consideration, health care expenses have become a significant line item consideration on every project.

How can small contractors manage these costs? What will be the effect of new federal health care initiatives currently trickling down to business owners?

I personally don’t have the answers. But if you to be sure that you aren’t looking in from the outside on the medical structures you’ve just built, you need to do some studying.

We can help. On Thursday, Feb, 28, Hanley Wood is hosting a free webinar on this important topic providing experts who do know. You’ll be receiving some independent advice on what the immediate future may bring. Even if your health and welfare contributions are covered by local agreements, the webinar can provide you insights that can help in your next negotiating session.

I urge you to sign up for the event. And afterwards, send me an email on how you plan to control your health and welfare costs.