Thirty-seven percent of serious injuries and deaths that occur at construction sites and similar workplaces throughout the United States are a result of falls. To combat this problem, OSHA mandates several measures to reduce the occurrence of on-the-job falls. Solutions range from reconfiguring a jobsite to installing guardrails. However, for many worksites, horizontal lifelines (HLLs) deliver the highest degree of protection and the greatest flexibility to enable workers to complete their tasks.

As one worker at a sewage treatment plant expansion project in Florida discovered, it takes only a split second for an accident to occur. While using a hickey bar to bend rebar on an unfinished mixer platform, the bar slipped off the rebar, causing him to lose his balance and step backward off a 20-foot wall. Instead of suffering a fatal fall, he was caught by an HLL and was able to return to work later that morning with no injuries – not even a bruise or a headache.