The U.S. market for green buliding materials generated sales close to $57 billion in 2008, according to The Freedonia Group, an industry research firm. In a new study, “Green Building Materials,” Freedonia estimates the market will expand 7.2% annually, to more than $80 billion in 2013, outpacing the growth of building construction expenditures. The recovery of the residential market will primarilty drive the growth.

Concrete made with recycled materials, such as fly ash and slag, had the second largest share of green building materials demand in 2008, accounting for more than 15% of the total. Using recycled material in concrete reduces landfill waste, and can enhance the performance of the concrete. Going forward, Freedonia says the demand for concrete with recycled materials is forecast to grow 8.4% annually, to $14.3 billion in 2013.

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