Paperless projects, new materials and equipment, government regulations, economic swings, "green" marketing, workforce crunch, etc., etc. It sometimes seems as though the industry has lived through a century’s worth of changes in the 15 years since MASONRY CONSTRUCTION published its first issue in 1988.

To evaluate these many factors, five of the country’s leading contractors recently looked back through the significant events of the past 15 years and presented their viewpoints on the trends that they felt have had the biggest impact on the competitive environment of masonry construction. Contractors contributing their insights into this article were Bruce Dexter, president, B.W. Dexter II Inc., Danielson, Conn.; Frank Halsey, president, Mid-Continental Restoration, Fort Scott, Kan.; Neal House, president, Central Masonry Corp., Littleton, Colo.; Jerry Painter, president, Painter Masonry, Gainesville, Fla.; and Dan Schiffer, president, Schiffer Mason Contractors, Holt, Mich.