The human, corporate, and economic importance of worker safety cannot be overstated. Statistics compiled by OSHA and other public and private-sector sources reveal a number of very significant facts.

  • Nearly 50 American workers are injured every minute of the 40-hr work week and an average of 17 workers die in job-related accidents each day.
  • U.S. industrial workers lose an average of 8.39 work days a year because of job-related injury and illness.
  • Workplace injuries cost society an estimated $128 billion in losses each year – equal to $0.25 of every dollar of pre-tax corporate profits.
  • The estimated direct U.S. workers' compensation costs for the most disabling workplace injuries and illnesses in 2005 totaled $48.3 billion.
  • The top three injury categories – overexertion, fall on the same level, and fall to a lower level – account for more than half that total.
  • This information was provided by Lafarge.