Put your estimating worksheet forms on a personal computer and let the computer make all the calculations you now make manually. All you need is a PC and a spreadsheet software package. WHY IS SPREADSHEET SOFTWARE PRACTICAL FOR MASONRY ESTIMATING? Spreadsheet software adapts to your personal style. With a spreadsheet, you can custom make your own computer estimating form. In most cases, you can simply put the system you use on paper on computer. WHY USE SPREADSHEET SOFTWARE INSTEAD OF ESTIMATING SOFTWARE? Standard estimating software doesn't provide this versatility because it's programmed to perform only one preset routine. If the estimating software is unfamiliar to you, the final estimate is meaningless. In addition, when you use spreadsheet software, you get a certain feel for the project. Because you create the worksheet you become familiar with the quantities and variables of the job. By the time you complete the spreadsheet, you'll have learned to operate the software and be able to create many other worksheets for other business uses. These uses include: billing, cash flow, company budgets, accounting procedures, productivity analysis, equipment inventory, and material submittal forms.