Call it adjustable, elevating, crank-up, climbing, or tower scaffolding, it nets productivity gains on masonry jobs.

First conceived by a masonry contractor half a century ago, ground-supported adjustable scaffolding keeps masons working steadily on a wall unit until it is topped out. Most estimates put resulting productivity gains in the 20% to 40% range, depending on wall configurations.

Adjustable climbing scaffold is a system of independent base and tower set with a suspended carriage that is raised and lowered by using a cable winch. The scaffolding is assembled on the ground and place into position with a forklift or crane. The material platform is positioned higher than the masons' work platform, keeping materials at about the same level as the working height of the wall so masons can avoid bending and stooping. Ease of handling and transportation is one of the biggest draws of adjustable scaffolding.

There are several adjustable scaffolding products highlighted in the article.