Hydronic unit provides temporary heating

The Pureheat 1260 is ideal for temporarily heating large, enclosed spaces and multi-story construction projects. The system uses a trailer-mounted hydronic heater to warm the unit's 140-gal. of heat transfer fluid to 180° F. It includes a choice of three safe, flameless heat exchangers to generate 50,000, 100,000, or 200,000 btuh.

  • Ground Heaters Inc., 231-799-9600, www.groundheaters.com
  • Tarp improves worker comfort and efficiency

    Super FR woven polyethylene tarps fully enclose a building or scaffold. The tarps contain the heat provided by forced air units, which greatly reduce heating and installation costs, while protecting the crew and improving its efficiency. The fire-retardant product features a 14 x 14 weave, 4-in. hem, and “D-rings” with webbing. The tarp is available in several sizes: 15 ft x 20 ft, 20 ft x 21 ft, and 20 ft x 30 ft.

  • Strong Man Building Products, 800-950-6999, www.StrongMan.com
  • Gas generators offer anti-icing feature

    Powered by EX series, overhead cam engines, the RGX line of compact gasoline generators offers maximum outputs ranging from 2900 to 4800 watts. The generators include a standard anti-icing feature that draws air warmed by the engine into a tube and redirects it to the air intake. The warm air inhibits ice buildup during cold weather.

  • Subaru Robin America Inc., 800-277-6246, www.subarupower.com
  • Weatherproof barricade banners protect site

    A line of weatherproof plastic barricade banners/safety tape can be customized to include logos, phone numbers, and special messages. Standard styles include caution, danger, police line, and fire line messages.

  • J.L. Geisler Corp., 888-637-7111, www.jlgeisler.com
  • Infrared heaters use two fuels

    The compact, cylinder-shaped SunStar RCH Series spot heaters serve hard-to-reach areas such as construction sites and partially open buildings. The infrared heaters comfortably handle enclosed areas up to 2500 sq ft without using fans. They also can be used for thawing applications and freeze protection. Two versions are available: propane (95,000 btuh) or natural gas (100,000 btuh).

  • SunStar Heating Products Inc., 888-778-6782, www.sunstarheaters.com
  • Clothing line protects to -50° F

    Intended for cold and dark environments, HiVisibility insulated, fluorescent outer shell garments are comfort rated to -50° F. This line offers the company's Iron Tuff styles, but in new fluorescent colors: HiVis yellow and HiVis orange. They are available in tall sizes and can be ordered with or without reflective tape.

  • RefrigiWear, 800-645-3744, www.refrigiwear.com