CINTEC America, Baltimore, Md., a world leader in the field of structural masonry retrofit strengthening, repair, and preservation, has published a brochure detailing the company's specialized products for terra cotta repairs and reattachment. The 200-page document was produced by CINTEC in cooperation with various North American architects, engineers, preservation consultants, and contractors.

The brochure outlines a variety of topics, including inside detail on terra cotta repairs and stabilization, fixing terra cotta to different substrates, fixing new terra cotta to existing back-up walls, and various conversation studies of terra cotta buildings and attachments.

An overview of the CINTEC Design Anchor System also is included. This method of structural reinforcement is tailored to meet the specific strengthening and repair requirements of individual projects, and is suited for terra cotta repairs and stabilization. The brochure shows detailed, four-color illustrations of various repair situations, such as inserting new terra cotta units between existing units, fixing new terra cotta to an existing backup wall, and fixing terra cotta cornice to brick parapet.