When an Iowa businessman was looking for a way to increase awareness about breast cancer, he took a unique approach. He ended up not only raising awareness, but he lifted the message to new heights.

Bud PeCoy, Mid Country Machinery, a construction equipment dealer and rental company headquartered in Fort Dodge, Iowa, along with partners Mark Swedlund, Lucas Peed, and Bob Conaway, wanted to “give back” something to the community when they learned that the wife of one of their customers suffered from breast cancer. Realizing this was definitely a worthwhile cause, they decided to create a breast cancer awareness campaign via a very unusual approach.

The first step was purchasing two “special” JLG Model 800S telescoping boom lifts for their rental fleet. While purchasing the 80-ft tall machines was nothing new, their look was far from traditional. PeCoy had the machines painted a special pink color at the JLG factory and added custom decals to the boom with a “Reach High for the Cure” slogan.

In addition to painting and decaling the booms, Mid Country Machinery signed an agreement with the Des Moines chapter of Susan G. Komen for the Cure to donate 10% of all income derived from the rental of the machines for the next 54 months. The company estimates the amount to be between $25,000 and $30,000 during the life of the agreement.

Because of the current volume of construction activity to build and enlarge existing hospital facilities throughout Iowa, PeCoy plans to send the 80-ft tall pink JLG boom lifts to those sites as often as possible. In fact says PeCoy, “If painting the equipment pink and adding decals to support the cause can increase awareness of breast cancer, we may even order more pink booms.”