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Is a master specification the same as a model building code? Is a performance specification the same as an open specification? Is an ASTM specification the same as the MSJC Specification?

CSI's MasterFormat sets out a very detailed numbering system for construction specifications. The main masonry specification under the 1995 MasterFormat is 04810, Unit Masonry Assemblies, which is a broad scope specification that covers nearly all types of masonry construction except glass and stone.

MasterSpec: The American Institute of Architects developed MasterSpec but has outsourced its maintenance, publication, and marketing to ARCOM, Salt Lake City.

SpecText: Developed by CSI and outsourced to the Construction Sciences Research Foundation, SpecText is also an overall project specification.

TMS Annotated Guide to Masonry Specifications: Created by The Masonry Society's Architectural Practices Committee, the level of detail is between the two.

What Kind of Specification Is this?

Master (or guide) specification; Performance (or property) specification; Standard (or reference) specification; Open specification; Broad scope specification; MSJC Specification