Now-more than ever before-contractors are searching for ways to cut costs. How you go about cutting costs is just as important as where you look for those cuts. Instead of taking short-term steps toward cutting costs, begin a systematic examination of your expenses in the office and in the field. The list of 94 cost cutting tips includes ideas in the following categories:
  1. Cars and trucks
  2. Bad debts
  3. Communications
  4. Depreciation
  5. Insurance
  6. Interest
  7. Professional fees
  8. Rent
  9. Repairs and maintenance
  10. Salaries, management
  11. Salaries, office
  12. Shop supplies and small tools
  13. Taxes, general
  14. Taxes, payroll
  15. Warranty/callback
  16. Warehouse and yard

When you set cost-cutting objectives, consider long-term factors. Set challenging but realistic goals that take into account both your internal and external limitations.