I have a tough task in the next few weeks. I’m finalizing the plans for World of Concrete’s first exclusive training area on the use of masonry veneer. Fortunately, I have help from some of the industry’s best experts. They are developing learning sessions and displays to highlight the proper installation techniques for installing masonry veneer. And best of all, they are focusing on what’s happening in the field.

One of my go-to guys is Bryan Light, the technical services manager for the Southeast Region of the Brick Industry Association. While Light is known for his work in helping support apprentice training, his real job is assisting our industry in improving the quality of finished structures. Light visits jobsites in the Southeast to help assess potential concerns. I managed to catch up with him as he sat in his pick-up truck after visiting a jobsite.

We spoke briefly about what’s happening in the industry today. Light mentioned that he has been encountering two recurring problems in the field: moisture intrusion and poor tooling. “If I could find a way to remind our contractors of the proper techniques on these important areas, my job would be less hectic,” he told me.

And to help make Light’s job easier, we decided to focus on these two topics at Masonry Veneer Live.

Over the next few weeks, we will share the other sessions that our educational partners will be providing. I also am very open to including sessions with solutions to the problems you may be experiencing. So please e-mail me any suggestions or write them below.

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