They seldom win design awards or display traditional charm. They don't include the kind of ornamental details that challenge a highly skilled craftsman. But utilitarian structures such as warehouses, factories, supermarkets, and discount stores are the bread and butter of many masonry contractors. With long, straight walls and minimal openings, these buildings can go up fast. Because the masons have fewer corners to build, fewer units to cut, and less flashing to install, they can concentrate on laying brick and block. Keeping the masons supplied with materials when they need them is the key to maintaining production on jobs like these. On a recent Target department store project, Wil-Mar Mason Contractors, Bloomingdale, Ill., built more than 27,000 square feet of wall in 5 weeks. The 318x407-foot store has walls of single-wythe, split-face 8x16-inch block, some 8 and some 12 inches thick. Vertical reinforcement was installed and the block cells grouted solid 2 feet on center. Above the building's base, scored block create the appearance of 8x8 units. Three decorative single-course bands of glazed block also are featured elements.