A lawsuit has been filed on behalf of Sarah Bean, 34, who was killed in Chicago, when pieces of masonry work fell from the historic Second Presbyterian Church, hitting her in the head. Bean's boyfriend filed the lawsuit suing the church in Cook County Circuit Court.

According to the Chicago Tribune:

The lawsuit claims that the Second Presbyterian Church of Chicago and the Presbytery of Chicago, which oversees Presbyterian churches in Chicago, were negligent in their ownership of the church building by allowing the exterior wall to “exist in a dangerous and unrepaired condition.”

The lawsuit states that Bean is survived by two children, both minors. Johnson is the father of one of the children, according to the lawsuit.

The incident happened about noon Thursday. According to Chicago’s buildings department, a piece of decorative metal came loose from the outside wall of the church at 1936 S. Michigan Ave., a century-old building that had been hit with a number of building violations.

The metal knocked off a chunk of stone from a gargoyle jutting from the church’s southeast corner, city officials said at the time, hitting Bean on the head and killing her. The lawsuit draws the same scenario as that given by the city on the day of the incident.

A day after the incident, repairs were being made to the building.

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