The power of the Internet is no secret. This tool offers immense opportunities to excel in customer service and product development, gives the user multiple choices when making decisions, and relays changes and other information in real time. However, this information technology forum is not a panacea for every masonry contractor.

Four strategic questions should be answered before determining if a new Internet solution makes sound business sense.

  • Does it make business simpler?
  • Does it cost less?
  • How does it create wealth?
  • How does it capture wealth?

Several Internet sites are available to provide information relative to equipment, the construction industry, and national trade associations serving the industry. Among those listed in this article are Contractors Register inc., LeaseTradingInc., The McGraw-Hill Companies, Rentmaker, Inc., Sweet's Group,, National Concrete Masonry Association, the Brick Industry Association, Hanley-Wood, LLC, FW Dodge, Portland Cement Association, and The Masonry Society.