Students in Ohio and Pennsylvania recently demonstrated both their masonry skills and the value of providing serious vocational training as an alternative to traditional college. Ideastream recently reported on the student masonry competition held at Buchtel High School in Akron, Ohio. Reporter Mark Urycki spoke to one student who was all set to go into business, until he discovered working with his hands.

It was a surprise to Raquel Byrd when her son Miller, who had never worked with his hands, decided to take a masonry course. Now he’s in the competition.

”We were looking at a business major because his mathematics are over the top – his scores. And its always been his favorite subject. SO we had no clue he was going to work with his hands. We thought it was going to be all brains. So yeah this is a shock, but pleasant.

URYCKI “Is it nice having someone in the family who can actually fix something?

BYRD “Oh yeah, he’s already contracted to build homes, build homes for the family. We’ve already got our bid in.”

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