Instead of bemoaning the lack of qualified masons, contractors should work with existing vocational masonry programs--to improve their quality and offer jobs to graduates. The best vo-tech programs allow talented students to do some of the teaching. Vocational instructors should ask students questions instead of lecturing. Instructors should teach students one tool at a time, so they develop good habits and don't get confused. Creative games such as a modified version of Jeopardy can make learning more fun. Students should have the opportunity to build small projects on campus, such as birdhouses, mailboxes, and planters. Vocational instructors and contractors can use goal-setting programs to motivate students and employees. In one such program, masons write their daily goals on special goal-setting sheets each morning, how they will reach them, and expected challenges. Five minutes before quitting time, workers write down what they've actually accomplished during the day. The contractor experienced a 15 to 20% increase in productivity after implementing the program.