The Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced fines totaling $294,500 in April, six months after the workers were hospitalized, against Provencher Home Improvement of Beverly and Danvers general roofing contractor A.C. Castle Construction Co., Inc. OSHA said it found "numerous violations" in its inspections, but Castle President Brian LeBlanc said the fines were "outrageous and exorbitant" and could destroy a business it has taken him 25 years to build. "Their fees are way too exorbitant," he said. "There's no differentiation for a small guy than for a company who builds skyscrapers." The accident occurred on Oct. 2, 2014, when a ladder-jack scaffold platform broke beneath roofers working for Provencher. EHS Today reported the spruce scaffolding plank the workers were using could not support their weight and snapped. The plank was not graded for scaffolding, and the invoice was clearly marked "not for scaffold use," EHS Today said. Read More