South Korean researchers have designed a drone called CAROS (Climbing Aerial RObot Systyem) that can stick to walls. It is their belief that this drone will help inspect the structure of older skyscrapers thanks to a design that allows it "to adjust its path to 'land' on the surface. Its rotors keep it gripped in place with the necessary force."

This drone will also be of help in fighting fire on these structures thanks to the new fireproof version FAROS (Fireproof Aerial RObot System):

Hyun Myung, who helped develop the drone, said: "As cities become more crowded with skyscrapers and super structures, fire incidents in these high-rise buildings are massive life-threatening disasters."

"FAROS can be aptly deployed to the disaster site at an early stage of such incidents to minimize the damage and maximize the safety and efficiency of rescue mission."

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