Researchers at the University at Buffalo have designed a four-legged masonry "assistant" that can haul some serious brick. According to a press release:

The team [led by Michael Silver, assistant professor of architecture and self-taught roboticist, and Karthik Dantu and Nils Napp, both assistant professors of computer science and engineering] has prototyped a series of increasingly complex bots — all dubbed OSCR, short for On-Site Construction Robot. The latest, which stands 18 inches tall and weighs just under 6 pounds, is designed to climb a ladder and carry three bricks — skills the researchers hope to demonstrate once programming of the bot is complete. The final prototype, with advanced grippers and powerful motors, will be able to stack five bricks, walk or crawl, and scan the site to track materials.

Reflecting the direction of robotics in general, the team’s robots would not replace the mason but would enable smarter labor by taking on repetitive, backbreaking tasks and introducing logistical efficiency ...

Masons can direct the robot using a pair of high tech "smart glasses."

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