Complimenting a successful expo at CONSTRUCT, attendees also benefitted from 58 conference sessions, two technical tours, and education on the show floor at the Learning Pavilion and the SPEC MIX Live Learning Area.  CONSTRUCT offered enjoyable learning experiences through a variety of educational programs.

Education is a key component of what CONSTRUCT has to offer industry professionals.  The education program is carefully thought, crafted and put together by industry leaders for industry professionals.  There were 58 educational sessions.  The conference program was created with the support of the Education Advisory Council – a group of industry peers – who spent hours reviewing hundreds of presentation topic submissions.   “The conference experience is one our highest priorities for attendees, and the Education Advisory Council works hard each year to bring together the top experts in our industry,” said Cindy Barrand, Conference Manager for CONSTRUCT. “It definitely shows both in the number of people attending conference sessions and in the depth of content they are taking away from CONSTRUCT.”

In addition to the conference sessions, the exhibit hall featured hundreds of exhibitors, live demos, the Learning Pavilion and SPEC MIX Live Learning Area.  Product Manufacturers and Service Providers offered the latest in practical product solutions to assist the building team in building smarter and more efficiently to build projects on time and on budget.  The live demo area was brought back for CONSTRUCT 2013, in the SPEC MIX Live Learning Area.  It was designed to offer attendees another means to earn learning units.  SPEC MIX technical representatives gave 60 minute, hands-on, learning demonstrations that illustrated the real factors that can impact the quality, compressive and bond strength, as well as consistency of colored masonry mortar. Each session taught the audience how to select and specify the correct mortar based on building design and masonry units selection. It was followed by live demonstrations of the key steps for the installation of masonry units with mortar, as taught by skilled masons.

The Learning Pavilion was offered this year.  The Learning Pavilion offered six, quick-paced, 60-minute courses on the show floor led by exhibiting building product manufacturers (Bradley Corp., Firestone Building Products, Ingersoll Rand, Stanley Security and TUBELITE).  This educational tool was free to all attendees and was designed to bring attendees up-to-date on the latest technologies and products hitting the construction market.

CONSTRUCT kicked off with a high-energy, high-content and thought-provoking General Session with Keynote, Ira Blumenthal. Ira is the president of CO-OPPORTUNITIES, Inc., an Atlanta-based consulting company that has counseled world-class clients in areas related to branding, strategic alliances, change management, reinvention, customer service and business development.  His talk, “Change is Inevitable:  Building Your Brand for the Future,” included philosophies, strategies, guiding principles and best practices used to create, build, maintain and manage brand success.

CONSTRUCT 2013 featured two Technical Tours: Tennessee Concrete Association  tours and Music City Center.