Over the next few months, three meetings will help shape the future of the concrete construction industry thanks to the Concrete 2029 road map. The last meeting, which took place in May, saw the generation of ideas improve the quality of concrete in-place and construction productivity and some priorities were set. The nest step, which will occur at the meeting on September 7 in Salt Lake City, Utah, is to come up with specific goals for tasks that will impact the industry over the next 13 years.

May's meeting also led to a new discussion topic, the impact of the ACI 318 Building Code and the International Building Code on concrete construction:

Since ACI 318 is the operating system for concrete design and construction, the task group, led by Peter Emmons, felt we should look at how it is affecting concrete construction, both positively and negatively.A meeting to discuss the building code will be held on November 30 in Chicago, near O’Hare Airport (Rosemont).

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