Performing the myriad calculations required for rational design can be laborious, but computer programs specifically written for masonry structural analysis and design ease the burden considerably.ASSOCIATION PROGRAMS HELP KEEP MASONRY COMPETITIVEIndustry organizations have taken the lead in developing and distributing software programs. The National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA), Brick Institute of America (BIA), and regional groups such as the Arizona Masonry Guild and Concrete Masonry Association of California & Nevada all offer engineering programs for sale. DO-IT-YOURSELF SOFTWARE Many engineers have developed their own structural masonry programs. There seem to be two reasons-first, there aren't a lot of comprehensive programs available; and second, engineers feel a certain distrust of programs they haven't developed themselves.WHAT TO EXPECT FROM ENGINEERING SOFTWAREA good structural engineering program, whether purchased or self-written, streamlines the design process significantly. The engineer enters data based on prompts that appear on the computer screen; then the computer uses the data to perform the necessary calculations automatically.