Greg Baker's Litebuilt Concrete Canada was developed around a cellular concrete mix to make dry-stack concrete blocks and their Redi Mix product for floors and roofs. He has been working with the National Research Council (NRC) to prove the credibility of the product.

Advantage of the cellular concrete include being lightweight, cost-efficient, and combining superior sound and thermal insulating properties with a one-hour per inch fire rating. Litebuilt's patented system creates concrete that is half the weight of the standard yet has the strength necessary to meet Ontario building codes. This type of concrete is common around the world and is favored in hot climates but is also popular in cold climates, having been used on road beds and bridge abutments in Canada:

"It's a dry stacking block which is about twice the size of a traditional block at 10 high by 20 long, only five inches wide, yet the same weight," he says. "So the blocks go up much faster and lock together and of course time is money. It's essentially Lego for concrete blocks."

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