A Canadian masonry contractor and builder face a fine with a combined total of $170,000, after pleading guilty in the death of a worker. The incident happened in Oct. 2013 when a worker fell from a slippery scaffolding. According to an official press release from Ontario, Canada province:

A Ministry of Labour investigation found that the north scaffolding from which the worker fell had numerous components missing:

·       entire guardrails in multiple locations on the second and third levels;

·       planks without guardrails were used to cross the gaps between the north and west scaffold platforms;

·       various rails and cross-brace connections were not secured;

·       scaffold planks were of inadequate width and were not cleated or secured against slipping.

No ladders were provided by the employer to access the scaffolding; access was by climbing the metal supports of the north scaffold. These were all violations of Section 125(1) of the Construction Projects Regulation.

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