The Masonry Society is holding its 2013 Spring Meetings in Vancouver, British Columbia from May 31 to June 2 at the Coal Coast Park Hotel. One of the key committee gatherings will be that of the newly formed Building Information for Modeling Masonry (BIMM) Ad Hoc Committee. Practitioners from the masonry industry are working on the protocol to enable architects to include masonry assemblages in BIM softwares.

In addition to TMS committee work, the Masonry Standards Joint Committee will also meet to respond to public comments. Attendance by MSJC members is essential so the Committee can complete its work A preliminary schedule of meetings is available at the TMS website,

Following the TMS meet The 12th Canadian Masonry Symposium will be held in Vancouver, Canada, June 2-5, 2013. It will provide an opportunity for researchers, practitioners and industry to share the latest knowledge on diverse aspects of masonry, including design, manufacturing, construction and restoration.

The symposium continues to serve as a forum for professionals from a broad range of disciplines, including engineers, architects, contractors, and manufacturers. The symposium will build on the tradition and success of past Canadian Masonry Symposia by facilitating synergy between masonry researchers and masonry practitioners from Canada and around the world.