A startup called StoneCycling has been perfecting a formula which they use to mix waste from nearby glass, ceramics, and insulation factories into their new material (WasteBasedBricks). In addition, the company sometimes uses rejected clay from traditional brick factories and demolition waste.

The process used by StoneCycling uses less energy than traditional brick manufacturing and doesn't require new clay to be excavated. Both of which are environmental benefits.

While the companies original plan was to only work with waste from demolished buildings, difficulties in securing pure material forced them to focus on the steadier stream of waste that they could get from local factories. However they are still open to working with demolition companies:

"What we see now is if we are willing to guarantee that we will buy a certain waste material, there's an incentive for them to demolish in a purer way," he says. "So we see very slowly that it's changing, but it will take some years before it becomes policy."

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