Hundreds of products have been introduced to the masonry industry in the past few years. This list of products is not long, but it is wide-ranging; these products affect manufacturers, architects, and masons. MORTAR DELIVERY SYSTEMS Though many contractors still mix all their mortar on the jobsite, a growing number are using one of the following three delivery systems: ready mixed mortar delivered by truck; silo mixers; or premixed dry mortar delivered in bulk. COMPUTER SOFTWARE Even the smallest contractor or architectural firm is probably using computer software for accounting and other business functions. At the same time, software programs have proliferated, some specifically relative to masonry estimating software and design. GLASS BLOCK IN SPECIAL SHAPES Glass block has experienced a tremendous comeback, according to contractors and manufacturers. And accompanying its revival is added versatility due to specially shaped blocks introduced within the last few years. CHANGING COLOR OF MASONRY Although individuals have been hand-applying color to masonry units for years, no company specialized in providing this service until 1988, when a veteran of the brick industry started a company in Canada. ELEVATING WORK PLATFORMS Elevating work platforms were used in Europe before being brought over to the United States in the mid-80's. Powered electrically of hydraulically, these devices consist of a wheeled trailer base unit, a platform, and one or two fixed steel masts on which the platform rides up and down.