Owner of Kalish Masonry, Addison Kalish and Office/Project Administrator Anna Weickhardt sat down with Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA) to discuss the challenges they each face within the mainstay industry. Klaus and Weickhardt speak on the history of Kalish Masonry, the key to their success, and what they feel are the biggest challenges to their industry’s future. 

The labor shortage has been a huge disadvantage to everyone in this industry not to mention the younger generation’s overall attitude and work ethic or lack thereof. Poor workmanship and improper masonry practices are far too often ignored and unfortunately I lose a lot of jobs to those who fall into that category. Last winter, I witnessed a so-called competitor that was installing an elevator shaft in the dead of winter without ANY winter heating protection. There’s a difference between costs savings and cutting corners in order to save a buck.

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